About Us

NKRI OZ Community Inc. (NKRIOZ) is a volunteer, non-profit community organisation established in July 2017.

Mission Statement:

NKRIOZ seeks to foster peace, harmony, engagement and mutual understanding between the peoples of Indonesia and Australia through the promotion of Indonesian culture, heritage and language in Sydney and Australia.

Key aims:


NKRIOZ aims to lead, promote and implement activities that strengthen community engagement, cultural awareness and celebration of Indonesia’s cultural heritage, peoples and customs within Sydney.

2. Improved socio-economic and bilateral relations.

NKRIOZ aims to strengthen and activate networks and relationships associated with improved socio-economic and bilateral relations and trade between Indonesia and Australia and the PPIA (Indonesian Students’ Association) in Sydney.

The association is non-political and non-sectarian.

NKRIOZ Committee

NKRIOZ Committee consists of an Executive containing a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. Additional Committee Members are drawn from volunteers within NKRIOZ. The NKRIOZ Committee contains at least 5 members inclusive of the Executive.

Committee Members 2017:

President: Andrew Wanandy
Vice President:Johan Sulaiman
Treasurer: Agung
Secretary: Donny Verdian
Public Relation: Henry Sonten

Committee members:
Michael Liem